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Cut the rope

Cut the Rope 2 is a colorful and fun puzzle android game sequel that will tie you in knots.
The premise behind the second full installment in the Cut the Rope saga (which has also spawned titles such as Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, and Cut the Rope: Experiments), is that Om Nom had disappeared and just when all hope was lost of finding him he turned up at the door of his owner.
Cut the Rope 2: Om Nom’s Unexpected Adventure (to give it its full title) sees Om Nom retrace his movements, revisiting the places he went during his disappearance and hooking up with some of his new buddies who he met along the way.
Mouth-watering challenges
The physics-based puzzles in Cut the Rope 2 are along the same lines as the original version. The idea is that the little green alien, Om Nom is starving hungry and the only thing that will satisfy him are sweet, sweet candies. To feed Om Nom you need to somehow deliver it to his mouth by tactically cutting ropes and using tools and objects to push it in his direction.
Although the essential idea of the game is the same as always, Cut the Rope 2 adds some interesting dimensions to the gameplay. There are new types of objects and characters that help players to send the candy on its way to Om Nom’s tum. For instance, there are bridges that can be lifted on balloons, creatures called Licks whose tounges make handy ramps, and strange blue blocks with faces (called Blues, weirdly) who multiple when you tap them, to form a tower.
Another aspect of Cut the Rope 2 that’s different from the first game is that Om Nom himself is now moveable. There are times where you might want to position him in a different spot so he can catch the candy. This is generally done using the other characters in the game to lift Om Nom up, push him over, etc.
The puzzles in Cut the Rope 2 are set across a series of different worlds, each made up of 20 levels. The worlds included at launch are: Forest, Sandy Dam, Junkyard, City Park and Underground; all of which introduce new types of gameplay mechanics and characters.
The controls in Cut the Rope 2 aren’t difficult to master, even if you haven’t played the first version. It’s very simple to pick up and play, and is based around the simple slash-to-cut control system. New types of gameplay devices and characters are always introduced to you with in-game tutorials whenever they appear, so it’s always obvious what you should be doing.
Of course, that’s not to say Cut the Rope 2 is easy. Sure, it’s possible to whizz through levels without picking up stars but in order to collect enough stars to progress you’ll need to have your thinking cap on at times. Some puzzles can take several minutes to figure out and you’ll be wearing your thumb out on the ‘restart’ button.
Sweet graphics
The first version of th game was known for its cutesy graphics, and the second installment upholds these principles with aplomb.
The music is catchy too, and the backing track will swirl around your head for hours. It would be nice if there were a bit more variety to the tunes.


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